The place to MOAN! Got a grumble? Need to get something of your chest? Why keep it to yourself? Have a RANT and share with those who care. Whinge about anything! That taxi driver who cut you off, the lady in the lifts stinky perfume, your boring crap job, that prick Michael Munday @ Yadnum who ripped you off, the Volvo driver doing 40 in the fast lane, the phone/power/water bill you just got, Michael Munday the scammer, Daylight savings (actually, I like daylight savings), bike riders, pedestrians, how there’s no protection for people who get scammed by b*stards like Michael Munday … ANYTHING! Don’t hold back, you may not get a reply, but it might just make you feel better and give the rest of us a laugh.

14 responses to “Whinge

  1. where have your links to computer shops gone? I found them handy for looking at hardware I’m not allowed to buy.

    Oh, I got caught up in the Yadnum clusterf*ck orgy of rip-off too.


  2. Links .. yes, one of the things which failed to import across blogs, among others. Now I know you use them, I’ll try to recreate them here if I can 🙂

    I’d best have a rant while I’m at it too … it’s Monday! Why do Monday’s always fall on a Monday and you don’t want to get out of bed? I’m with Mr Geldoff, I don’t like Monday’s either. Shoot the fkr down!


  3. cars cost too much to repair.Timing belt $124.95 from ebay, labor to install timing belt will be approx 2.5hrs at a modest (yeah right) rate of $95/hr.
    front disc rotors $118 from ebay, have not asked yet
    front and rear brake pads $135 approx, labor have not asked yet
    rear disc rotors machined, labor have not asked yet.
    But probably looking at bout $800 all up.Only went in for an oil change lol.


  4. oh yeah, it went in to find out what a noise was under the bonnet.I thought a possible belt noise.But turned out my power steering unit was noisy and the fluid was empty.They filled it up and it is abit quieter now.Had a 62 point safety check done.I’m sure he said $110 but because i use better oil it will be slightly more expensive.
    Turns out he said $180, mumble mumble.Some of the safety check couldn’t be done due to having to involve removing parts to check them etc.Well then why put it on the list of things to be checked in the safety check I say.
    Another thing, when you have aircon unit as one of the checks and you get a tick next to it, when U know for certain that the aircon needs re-gassing so it shouldn’t get a tick or at least should say something about it.Well it makes you wonder how well they did the rest of the checking.
    Good old repco service centre.


  5. I’m gonna whine about scammer Michael Munday .. again, as the NSW Police refuse to prosecute this thieving scumbag. He has stolen money from me.

    I’ve updated an existing page – which ranks highly in a google search of michael munday nsw – and now set up a similar one on a different server HERE: http://ontas.net/munday/ about the scum bag who has “allegedly” stolen over $26000 from 45 people. I’ve posted his passport and drivers licence – I’ll take them down if he pays me what I’m owed – currently $1171.05 including legal expences which have led to nought. In the mean time, perhaps the scammer will be scammed by some scammers, or at least it may prevent someone else from being scammed.


  6. So what happened in the past week?
    1. I broke my HD2 – drowned it in a sudden downpour during a bike ride, then dropped it when I got back. Now the screen stays black.
    2. I dug too hard for way too long and screwed by back up – sprained every muscle in my lower back and has taken over 4 days to recover – mostly.
    3. Back was coming right, did some rock walling. Went to chip a bit of a rock, it split in half and went through my leg leaving a massive hole and bruise.


  7. INTERNET EXPLORER 9 – Why does anyone still use it? It’s complete rubbish!! I’m currently trying to get a WordPress site I created for a client to work properly in it. Like many other sites, including – http://validator.w3.org/ – a page use to validate html code, page content doesn’t appear yet these pages work perfectly in Firefox and Chrome. I’ve had IE9 running for testing the last few days and every few hours or so it tells me : “Internet Explorer has stopped working”. So? When it does work, IT DOESN’T WORK!!!


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