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  1. V8SC3 issue resolved, kind-of.

    Well, I sorted some troubles .. and my PC is an overflowing moster!
    V8SC works under xp again. The Pioneer DVR 210 SATA drive for an unknown reason, is no longer visible in XP, yet works fine on Win7. Someone here had a similar issue with Vista:-
    As a temporary measure, I’ve installed an IDE DVR which works perfectly hanging out from the side of the PC case until I can aquire another SATA DVR.

    The problem on Win7 is still unresolved. Though the game is now working, the update patch will not install without errors.


  2. GAME REVIEW: Soldier of Fortune II Gold – (from Raven Software / Activision).

    Why review a game that was released way back in February 2003? Because this game is a proven stayer! It will happily play on anything from a Pentium 3 500 with 128MB RAM and a lowly 16MB OpenGL 3D graphics card, which makes it a top LAN party choice when older systems are present. It’s without a doubt the most played game EVER at the EDGE.

    This M rated game has both a challenging and varied single player mode and several Multiplayer modes to choose from (Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Infiltration, Demolition and Capture the Flag) and you can specify either weapons pickups or choose your outfit from over 20 weapons at the start. It comes with a decent array of standard maps, but many more great and varied maps can be downloaded and it’s amazing how many regular players there still are when joining an online game. Our favourite map at the EDGE is Finca Housewarming, with battles generally waged around the pool.

    By today’s standards, the graphics would be considered relatively ordinary, but it’s amazing how scalable the Enhanced Quake III Arena game engine is on the latest i7systems and we’ve had no trouble getting it running in Windows7, needless to say it still holds it’s own, with very few graphical bugs. It was one of the goriest games at the time of it’s release and there’s still plenty of red spatter to keep the kids entertained. There is a parental gore lock for concerned mums & dads.

    Perhaps one of it’s best features other than scalability is that both multiplayer teams have the same choice weapons – creating an even playing field, unlike some other game releases.

    In my mind, there are only a couple of minor things that hold it back from top marks; you can’t lay prone, and apart from the few scoped weapons, you don’t look down the weapon sites like you do in COD, rather relying on crosshairs.

    The aiming/damage physics is quite realistic, with different body zones scoring varying damage. Head shots are most effective, often leaving a decapitated corpse to waste a few rounds into. There is a key combination which allows you to jump onto higher obstacles, but I’ll keep that combo to myself lest the faster youngsters find out 😉

    Further reading:


  3. Windows Mobile 7
    I had a play with a Windows Mobile 7 phone at the Telstra “a different way to wait” shop at lunch today. Sorry, but I just don’t get it. You would think a company as experienced as Micro$oft would get it right the first time with this one, after so long developing (or is that fumbling) the previous WM incarnations. I can’t believe it, NO cut and paste!! Seems like they’re copying the worst of Apples first iphone software effort by picking the fruit well before it’s ripe! They’ve also locked it down, restricting and controlling what you can do and put on it much like the control freak Mr Jobs, making Android the only truly developer friendly Mobile OS. The other notable non-improvement, STILL no fortnightly calendar appointment scheduling. The guy that designed the interface must have had ape hands – and I’m talking King Kong – why are the plain square icons so damn BIG? And brown? I’m thinking ape man in corduroy trousers, with matching jacket and leather patches on the elbows who likes to spend his time scrolling around trying to find things. I think they need to employ some XDA developers who have achieved phenomenal improvements to WM6.5, most notably, Cookie’s Home Tabs, Energy ROM’s and various other tweaks and hacks, along with fully functional Android ports for the HD2.


  4. I’ve recently discovered two “cloud computing” programs worth using. – a social bookmarking site, allows you to add your favorite sites and tag them, which you can either keep private or share with other delicious users. Your added websites are then available on any PC or mobile with web access. – a basic and easy to use note making site with aps for Android and iphone. Great for syncing/backing up notes from your phone and once again, accessible on any PC (with internet connection of course). Unfortunately no catch app for WinMo to convert those pesky .pwi notes easily.


  5. [b]On DiRT3 – save video replays – but in multiplayer?[/b]

    Q – What are the features of the replay/upload aspect?
    A – The YouTube upload feature lets you select a 30 second section from your replay and upload it direct to your YouTube account.


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