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3 responses to “General

  1. Watching the Bathurst 1000 today, the picture’s pretty ordinary, but the camera coverage is remarkable with some spectacular shots of the first lap crash at the end of the main straight. It’s dissapointing that it’s only broadcast at 576i and not full HD, given that Bathurst is Australia’s premier motorsport event and is broadcast in over 120 countries. Apparently there aren’t enough HD cameras in Australia! I’ve read Channel 7 has leased their HD cameras to 10 for the Commonwealth Games coverage. Amazing given that the latest smartphones can record video in HD.


  2. I put down two homebrews on Sunday, both with 500g light malt, 500g dextrose & 100g of “Hop infused honey”, using cold temp yeast which will take about a month for first stage fermentation. One is a Lager, the other is a Stout – with a twist .. I’ve tried adding some coffee!! I like stout, I like coffee, let’s hope it works.


  3. Finally bottled the two brews (No. 29 & 30) mentioned above on Sunday. A taste check out of the barrel reveals very nice and strong flavours for the stout showing great promise! I then put down two more brews consisting of a Dark Ale and a Draught. Put a few extra Saas hop pellets in the Dark Ale, otherwise pretty standard. I’ve run out of Diatose Ensyme though so will have to work these ones off 😉


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