For Sale!

Found a hot bargain?  Something to sell?  Share it in this thread! If possible, please include an item description/web link, price, suppliers contact details and sale end date. PC/gaming related items and shindigu preferred, but any BARGAIN items welcome.

10 responses to “For Sale!

  1. OK, I’ll go first.
    IL2 Sturmovic 1946: includes 3x expansion packs. available from EB Games for $14.96 on the PC bargain table & Cat & Fiddle.


  2. Pays to be careful and do your research.
    In Dick Smith yesterday, I spotted a Sony Blu-Ray Surround sound system, one left and apparently generously marked down as it was an ex-display model. the price … $598. Reccommended retail the the Sony catologue I picked up the day before … $599. Some discount!


  3. FOR SALE – SONY Projector – Only 2 years old and used little, runs perfect and has an excellent image. This is a proper LCD projection system.
    Awsome for gaming!

    Email me for offers…


    • My Bad .. BF Bad Company 2 is $38 @ EB – got a copy today.
      (Sorry Wood, requires Dual Core CPU, PC upgrade required.)
      Also picked up MS Flight Sim X “Gold Edition” for $24 – Selling elsewhere for $99.

      NEW RELEASE: Test Drive Unlimited 2 was released 2 weeks ago, available at EB for about $79. Going from the 1st one, I think I’ll save for this one!!


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