GRID Autosport preview

I haven’t even unwrapped it yet and I’m already giving it a pre-emptive 10!
See if you can tell why below …

Grid Autosport - Limited Black Edition

Grid Autosport – Limited Black Edition

Could it be the surprise inclusion of a certain iconic Australian motor racing track? Awesome!!
It’a a crap day outside today … what to do??

Could this be the droid we’re looking for?

I’d heard of this, but thought it was for the iPad or Apple rubbish …

Most newer PCs (two to three years old) will operate the system. In the case of older PCs, an upgraded graphics card is normally all that is necessary in order to enable the computer to run

“ is developed by Motorsport Simulations. The company, which is made up of mostly ex-Papyrus (Grand Prix Legends, NASCAR 2003) developers, completely focuses on the the simulation side of gaming. It also encourages season style racing with its robust online system, providing 24/7 racing against drivers from all over the world. The racing is broken up into four twelve-week seasons (with a fun ‘Week 13’ being held in between each season), with each car running its own series. The series is broken down into road and oval variants, and each series has a specific licence level requirement to participate. Licenses range from Rookie (beginner), Class D through to Class A. Rank advancement follows as your experience and skills grow. Basically it ensures that you won’t wreak havoc in a sim beyond your skill level.

“The learning curve is consequently harsh, which is to be expected when you factor in that some professional drivers and teams use iRacing as well. Most participants will simply cite the racing as intense and a lot of fun, however some others utilise it in ways that are more closely related to real life applications. I was lucky enough to get down to Melbourne to meet one such team, who have been putting their young drivers to the test in the sim itself.”

Comment by Kikz: “For a full dive into the life of a racer and feel like your actually racing you simply cannot beat iRacing. And $49 a year is hardly expensive – although because it is such an immersive and positive experience, you may find yourself spending A LOT of money on hardware – button boxes, new wheels, interchangeable wheels, full cockpits, better pedals, sequential shifters, buttkickers.. you name it… 😀

Sounds serious! Too serious?

121109 Gaming Status

Oh, all right, it’s GAME ON this Friday seems as Parts insists 😉

Some of us have Taken the $48 plunge and upgraded to Windows 8, you can catch my first week review in the Software section.
A pretty cheap way to upgrade the soon to not be supported any more XP. Just a thought.

However, if you not keen on Windows, there may very soon be another option …
Steam for Linux beta is now available!

I also discovered, for those of you who are having trouble hosting CODII or weapons errors:
in Program Files(x86)/Activision/COD2 folder/Main folder, delete (or move to another folder) any extra maps that begin with numbers (01.iwd – 91.owd) AND the ones beginning with Z (z_pam2.0.iwd – zzzzzzz-compmod_v1.iwd)
Some of them may be OK, I haven’t tested each one, but this fixed the problem for me and I still have the extra maps 🙂

So who’s in?

Mission mayhem …

Mission status to be advised Friday, don’t get your hopes up ..
I have a MAN FLU – and only us men know how bad that can be. sniffle.
I’ll report gaming status on Friday – see how this virus has progressed, I wouldn’t want to pass it on.
I was looking forward to seeing Raw’s new car too 😉

I imagine Parts will be busy fiddling with knobs, pulling his big lens and shooting all over the place whilst gently caressing and spit polishsing his new Canon.
Actually, I don’t want to imagine that!

Anyway, what else has happened in the world?


After saying Windows 8 is “a catastrophe for everyone in the PC space” at a videogame conference in Seattle, Valve head—and one-time Microsoft employee—Gabe Newell has  announced Valve is working to bring Left 4 Dead 2 and other Steam titles to Linux.  Newell criticised Windows 8 while talking about the future of the gaming industry – VentureBeat.

Newell’s low opinion of Microsoft’s next major operating system has been known for some time. He argued that one of the last remaining things keeping people away from Linux was the lack of games (and using Photoshop/Indesign for me, though they’re now available in the “cloud”).

The Windows Stores closed and controlled nature also concerns him. Features such as Xbox LIVE integration could make the Windows Store and Windows 8 a more appealing platform for gamers and developers alike, rather than Steam.

He attributed Valve’s success to the PC’s open nature, saying that the company “wouldn’t exist” without either the PC or “the openness of the platform.” There is a “strong temptation” to close the platform (much like Apple), because the platform’s developers “look at what they can accomplish when they limit the competitors’ access to the platform, and they say ‘That’s really exciting.”

For many users though who prefer their operating systems more open and customizable, Linux is beginning to look like a much more attractive and exciting alternative.

Windows Surface tablet

It’s scheduled for gaming this week. It’s also scheduled to SNOW. Thoughts?

Microsoft launched their new tablet called Surface this week.
The video below starts at 13.30 – about the time things go wrong …

Worth watching the whole thing if you have a spare 47 minutes – great little device when you get to the i5 Windows8 Pro version which can run … blah blah everything! Watch it 🙂

120608 IT’S ON!!!


Yes, gaming IS ON.

Two glorious Android mobile phones were released this week on the Testra network, making for a very tough choice.
Monday saw the announcement of the HTC One XL – though only available on pre-order, it will be released in a week or two with no demo phone in store (Hobart) to play with 😦
This review is for the One X – which has a quadcore processor and no 4G, where as the Telstra XL version has a dual core CPU (reportedly faster than the quad-core!?) and G4.

Tuesday we were greeted with plans for the Samsung Galaxy S III – available immediately, but only the 16gb version in white … for now – review here.

Whilst the One X has arguably better build quality, sleek minimalistic design with a matt finish, a 4.7″ Super LCD 2 display which is concaved slightly, and better (simpler?)  Sense 4 user interface, the Galaxy SIII seems a bit retro with the larger curved corners, gloss finish and chrome “bumper bars”, but comes fighting back with a slightly larger 4.8″ AMOLED screen. The Samsungs camera is slightly faster in burst mode than the HTC but for now, it’s biggest advantage is the press-and-hold method of taking a photo, which allows you set focus and exposure before re-framing and releasing the shutter to take a shot – a feature sadly lacking on the One.

The S3 is slightly heavier but has a slightly smaller pocket print than the OneX. The two big deal breakers: removable MicroSD card and removable battery are likely to push the Galazy III over the line.

On another note: Over 600,000,000 Windows 7 licences have been sold.