Grid Autosport

Well, we’ve had Grid Autosport for a week or two now, personally I’m loving it!
Time trial mode has been getting a solid workout with some friendly rivalry between myself and Parts as we don’t have to be online at the same time to compete.
We’ve set times on most tracks in the classic Mini’s and now the V8 Supercars, with Bathurst the obvious focus for domination.
Fastest laps are added to the “Global Leaderboard” so you can tell how your holding up against other drivers from around the world!

Grid Autosport Global leader board for SuperTourers on Bathurst.

Grid Autosport Global leader board for Super Tourers on Bathurst.

I was until earlier today just .002 seconds behind Parts, but have now moved up to claim the world’s 21st fastest lap time around Mt Panorama in the V8’s.
I also currently hold 5th place on Jarama GP, 7th on Mont Trembland, 8th on Autosport Raceway and 12th on Brands Hatch GP.
None of this of course means anything if I can’t race consistently on gaming night – which, all going well should be on September 26.

ProjectCarsAnother upcoming racing title to watch out for is Project Cars!
Slated for release on November 20, 2014.

“Project CARS is the most authentic, beautiful, intense, and technically-advanced racing game on the planet.

“Featuring world-class graphics and handling, a ground-breaking dynamic time of day & weather system, and deep tuning & pit stop functionality, Project CARS leaves the competition behind in the dust.”

Check out more trailers, gameplay videos, and Driver Network Highlights on their YouTube channel!


11 responses to “Grid Autosport

  1. Was planning on coming but have Taxi duty apparently.
    Loving the time-trial rivalry but it’s not helping me sleep. I am waking up around 0800 and feel compelled to try to “knock Tone off”! Hope to see some times from Raw and Wood up soon.
    May send Tone a photo of me so you remember what I look like. 😛


  2. so clearly if Tone has got 5th spot there is some kind of glitch in the system :). I don’t setup wheel at home, too much trouble, so no time trials from me.


    • Again – 😦
      Or clearly I’m racing against 12 year olds who would whop my ass if I had to do more than one lap without falling off the tarmac 😉


    • Perhaps you should rework your setup 🙂
      Parts has been assigned another mission tonight playing cheufeur to a dignitary. What is your and Woodies status Raw?


  3. Saw Wood today, he was 50/50 about attendance this evening. I have plans to attend next fortnight but haven’t checked calendar as yet. Wood said he was keen to make up numbers next time if I’m going. Also said he may have a new recruit.
    Raw – get a better computer table. Once your times are surpassed by Tone you are compelled to shame him . . . well, I am anyway. Bathurst remains my enemy. I improve up the hill, across the top, only to stuff it up at the bottom. (That’s not STUFF IT UP THE BOTTOM!) We need to wipe the smile off Tones face. He’s only 22nd or so on the leaderboard (10 plus more than me) and I know you can whip his skinny lilly-white arse.
    Wood also said you guys were unable to create a private game in BF3! Ridiculous.
    Have a good evening tonight blokes and hopefully (gear knobs crossed (and not in a gay way :0) I’ll see you in two weeks.
    In the meantime, lick Tone’s arse . . . Sorry, KICK, I mean KICK as in KICK his arse not what I typed before. Damned intuitive text . . .


  4. Tone, I believe you need to update that screenshot of the Bathurst times. Parts may no longer be at the bottom of the screen . . . ;P


  5. I’s a comin’ Lambsie. But I’ll be out the door by 0030.
    Early start anyone?
    Time Trial, Endurance, GT40 Cup, Bathurst 2.06.855. No setup. Fifth fastest IN THE WORLD!!!
    See you in 24 hours or so . . . 🙂

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