140912 Mission – THIS FRIDAY!!

Begin preparing for the next mission NOW!!!

GRID Autosport – Tone, Parts, Raw and Woodie now have the Black Edition.
We’ve also purchased the “Season Pass” DLC – both of these are HALF PRICE on Steam until tomorrow (Mon)!!
(*Black Edition and Season Pass are not necessary but will allow us to race more vehicles and tracks.)

Battlefield 3 – Tone, Parts, Raw and Woodie now have!
The Premium version includes 5 extra map packs and is just $15 from JB Hi-Fi at the moment – Eastlands has lots of copies in a box under the PC display area!!!
GO AND GET A COPY!!!  – or let me know and I’ll get you a copy!!!
(*The extra packs are $19 EACH on Steam so go get the CD from JB – BARGAIN!)

PRE-INSTALL setup and test these games beforehand if you want to play!!
They’re big time-consuming downloads – you can do it up here beforehand if you wish, just let me know.

Parts and anyone not named above, set your res to 1280×1024 before you depart – unless you bring your own monitor – new 19″ LED monitors have been installed for everyone 🙂



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