140829 ON.

Should be on tomorrow night fella’s, Parts is in.


2 responses to “140829 ON.

  1. Did I give that impression? Soz. Early start last night, short staffed, late finish, no sleep, plus two beers means Parts is OUT. Also have an early start Saturday (tho not as early as Tone’s) May try to catch you racing online later tonight . . . R32s at 18kms and 320kbps!
    Love the new pic Tone makes the enclave look impressive and warm and inviting (not that it isn’t) but I’m betting you’ve tweaked the colours! I also hope no ex-govt employees recognise the floor tiles . . . all you need now is a fully stocked pie oven and disco lights and a bubble machine . . . oh, hang on a minute . . . :O
    I will have to wait to check out the new monitors 😦


    • Raw and Woodie are coming up. Nevermind.
      Glenorchy Resourse shop bargain Parts, $27 each for 7x 19″ Dell 1280×1024 res, only 4 y.o, not a single dead pixel 🙂 They have a couple more, were asking $40 each so I asked for a bulk discount 😛


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