15/8 … So …

Is there anybody out there?
Is anybody really keen or just ho hum?
Has a certain headlight been fixed yet?
Will there be a huge throng of keen gamers flocking to the Edge,
Or should I just call it now – Cancelled.

It’s been a long week, I’m ready to nod off now.


3 responses to “15/8 … So …

  1. Was a bit tired myself. Most likely be up next fortnight. Am thinking of upgrading the gtx260 to a gtx660 2gb for around $300. Gameplay in Autosport is a bit jittery atm and the 660 is the recommended card on the box . . . anyone interested in a second hand 260?


    • I’m thinking long and hard Parts – as you know I have the exact same card and they can be paired. If you have no other takers and want to wait a month or so ….


  2. Tone, they don’t even sell 260s anymore and the cheapest card I can find is a shade over $50. You can have it. I checked the space on the mobo and you should be able to just fit it in!

    OMG I just found the R32 skyline in time-trial. It is an absolute BEAST. Go to Time Trial and it’s In the touring car section under classic touring cars (the last one on the right) they also have the Sierra Cosworth but I haven’t raced that yet. Did a 2.08+ around Bathurst (so reasonably realistic!). FARK it’s almost like being there! I notice Tone and Fragglefrag are on my list of lap-times so hopefully if you put in some times we can set a track and car to test between gaming nights and see who comes out on top! Can’t believe the R32. Need a beer now to calm the nerves.

    Also got another update tonight. Mirrors are there now but not really hi-definition and only seem to appear in cockpit view. I prefer to race with bonnet view and would like mirrors there also. Oh well, I suppose they are of the opinion if it’s behind you it doesn’t matter 🙂

    See you Friday (I hope)


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