THIS WEEK? 16/05

Agents are welcome to report for duty THIS FRIDAY 16/05/14.
It seems to have been some time since we had a decent turn out.

INPUT WANTED from agents:
Does another night suit you guys other than Friday?
Saturday perhaps? Open for discussion …


14 responses to “THIS WEEK? 16/05

  1. friday’s are best for me. I think once woodie gets his car headlight fixed gaming will be more regular.and when that part’s guy turns up. ok so woodie wont be back till sunday so he wont be gaming, anyone else going tone?.maybe next fortnight if not?.written in ink.


    • I haven’t heard from anyone else Raw. Looking like another no show, no go. Oh well, I guess I’ll be able to get my rebuilt server serving again.


  2. “Don’t expect anything, it avoids disappointment.”
    Oh well, looks like I’ll just be having a few ales with my neighbour then. I guess next week will be ok, I think it will be our third one for the year and we’ll be into June. Nevermind.


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