Just finished reinstalling Game StockCar after an error 513 on Woodies workhorse, all’s now good for racing 🙂

To correct the 513 error – try deleting the “reiza” folder located in the folder “Application Data” or “ProgramData” depending on your Windows version. You then need to activate the game again.

If necessary, you can use the Windows search function to locate the “reiza” folder. It will be a hidden system folder so your Windows must be configured so that system folder s/ files are visible.

If the error persists, you´ll need to reinstall the game. Use the uninstaller of the game, make sure to delete the “reiza” folder, reinstall the game again and perform the activation process with your Serial Number.

Fri 28/3 anyone?

Surprise event

Raw and Woodie rolled up at about 8.30 for a surprise session on Friday 14/3.
I’d only just given up on anyone showing up and had rolled into bed for an unusually very early evening.
Not prepared to let their efforts go unrewarded, I sprung into action and fired up the enclave.
We talked ALOT and didn’t game much, but it was good to catch up.
Game StockCar 2012 gave us some grief on Woodies machine with it refusing to use the serial I purchased after working fine previously – why when nothing had changed?

Contract Wars
We ended up launching into a Facebook FPS called “Contract Wars” which was actually pretty darn good!
The only issue was it wouldn’t run on Firefox, but it ran very well on the Chrome browser. It required a “Unity Player” plugin.

We kicked on till about 1.30am so it ended up being an early morning for me, rather than an early night.
Thanks fellas 🙂