Game on?

Last chance for a mission in January – 31st.
Wondering if I should get the old shovel out and fill the hole up again.

Enjoyed Australia Day at Part’s Palace, I ate so much I haven’t eaten since!!
Thanks for the kind hospitality, though I’m not sure if your missus really sleeps on a matress on the lounge-room floor.
Whilst listening to the J’s hot 100 we played plenty of co-op in Farcry3 – a great game which I saw in JB the other week for $19 ish!!!

Interestingly, I did find a glitch in Far Cry 3 as seen below. I found a crack in the wall – perhaps a rip in time and space – during a mission and managed to slip behind the scenes!

Slipped behind the scenes!

Slipped behind the scenes!

I also scored a new (well, slightly used) dual core 6600 PC this week for the best price – FREE!
I’d like to thank Amy and Ben from North Hobart – you really should learn how to erase your HDD before discarding it. Lucky I’m a nice fella and I’ll erase all your sensitive data for you.

Anyone in?


4 responses to “Game on?

  1. Not long to go now . . .

    AND for the record, it was Tone’s idea to eat the second lot of burgers. I just wanted to cook them and put them in the fridge for the following day, not eat them 4 hours after we’d stuffed ourselves on the first lot. Also there were no complaints about the bbq breakfast (what fast I ask you? there was no fasting) 6 hours after the second helping of bpbrgrs. I am ashamed I bought caged eggs by mistake but they were huge thanks 2 the farmers and the miracle of modern science (never mind the cancer!) Looking forward to the next instalment of FC3CooPT&P vs TROTW!


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