10 YEARS!!!

It started with a vision. It’s now 10 Years since I started digging out a hole in the ground. 10 years since the pick fell through heavy clay, clunk, clunk, clunk, sweat dripping from my forehead, callous’ forming on my hands. 10 years since the madness set in and dirt was barrowed out so that we might have a place to game on. A place called “The Enclave”.

There were many distractions last year, most of them unwelcome that took a huge focus off our gaming evenings. In that time, people have gotten partners, kids and other things to do.

Time to get back on track. Time to GAME ON … or was it all for nought?
I was hoping to kick off the gaming year this evening, but alas, I got distracted. So NEXT WEEK 17/1 then?
I’m not even sure if it’s the right week. For me, any week is the right week. It’s up to you guys.


18 responses to “10 YEARS!!!

  1. i think this friday is the correct week.woodie said he would go if craig goes?.Since woodie does not having a working headlight.I can be there,anyone else?.


    • I could go and get him, then he can drink till the drops and sleep downstairs or in a tent!

      Needless to say, gaming did not proceed as planned. Next fortnight?


      • Pansies. I’m wondering if Tone has developed Leprosy?
        It’s not actually contagious you know.
        If I was to come to a gaming night before Feb 26 my hourly rate would be high Tone. You would be on the couch and I would be in your traditional spot under the doona (and the thumb!)
        You could always come out to my place this weekend for a Farcry3 co-op fiesta + snooker as missus and Beast are away for 4 days.
        Up to you. Kieran and I were entertaining the idea of some homemade BushPig burger replicas!
        5 weeks to go and Parts will be the life of the party again. Coffee only from now on, though there is a legendary Pigs Arse stout chilling in the fridge as of yesterday. Could save it for next weekend if you like.
        LMK intentions.


      • Now that is a high price!
        Did you mean this week end as in the one just gone, or next weekend – Aust Day – Triple J Hottest 100 weekend!!?

        Loving Farcry3, I notice you are too Parts with your stats showing up. I saw today its ON SPECIAL RAW for just $19 in JB!!! Go get it, you won’t be dissapointed, could become the new default shooter for that price! There’s also a version with neon dinosaurs, though it looks a bit tacky.

        I have 3 of the legendary Pigs Arse Stouts left here for a special occasion, though it won’t have to be too special πŸ˜‰ I put two brews down the other day, Irish Ale and a Cerveza for a change.

        I always thought it wasn’t for me they flocked here Parts, your absence – and theirs – has confirmed my suspisions. All hail Parts!!!


  2. The LOOOONG weekend. Maria is off to Sydney on Saturday, so if you’ve any steam left after a big day at the market, then come round. Sunday or Monday would be acceptable but there will be NO hottest 100 unless Katie Perry is featured πŸ˜›


    • I’ve been thinking and negotiating Parts, I also have a high price.
      Sunday is the countdown and the countdown will be on Sunday.
      Not Saturday, for Saturday shall be thy Market day, and not Monday for Monday has been decreed thy day of bludgery. Triple J our Lord and saviour has declared it so, so Sunday is the day I shall come hence forth bringing gifts of beer, merriment and mir (what ever that is, I’ll make it up!).
      And the price that shall be paid? To drink or not to drink, that is the question! Can one truely fully enjoy the audio pleasure streaming to ones ears and tickling thy inner conciousness without a sensible drink or six on such a sacrement as the holy hottest one hundred which only happens but once annually? Verily not I say to thee!! Therefore, the price that shall be paid, in the absence of your missus, there shall be no absence of space your marital bed on the evening of the sabath. What say ye Parts? Are your prepared to pay thy price?


      • Ok, I can see I’ve left you speechless, I’m happy to negotiate my previous demand of occupying the otherwise vacant space of your marital bed in exchange for the comfort of your couch, the afformentioned offer of homemade BushPig burger replica for Sunday dinner and, lets say … breakfast. I think that would be a fair trade.


  3. I’m still trying to work out what you said. Do you have an English version? Preferably a short and concise one perhaps?


    • I’ll visit you Sunday when Triple J’s hottest 100 is on and stay the night, but not in your bed as I’m afraid you’ll spoon me … again. But you can make me oversized hamburgers for dinner and poached eggs and smoked salmon with cheese sauce for breakfast πŸ™‚


      • Just tested the old Sony system. J’s are go downstairs. Just need to pinch some power boards. Looks a bit dodgy as I could have done with an extra 500 mm on my speaker cables but it does work and the reception is not too bad. So Hottest 100 here we come.

        And furthermore . . . you only complained about the spooning when your housemates bagged you out about it. ;P


  4. Whew, I thought you said Monday was a day of buggery but now I realise what you really said was that it’s a day of bludgery.
    No wonder you were worried about the spooning!
    I remember we had a bludgerygar once, co-incidentally we called him Woody.
    He died . . .


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