Game on?

Last chance for a mission in January – 31st.
Wondering if I should get the old shovel out and fill the hole up again.

Enjoyed Australia Day at Part’s Palace, I ate so much I haven’t eaten since!!
Thanks for the kind hospitality, though I’m not sure if your missus really sleeps on a matress on the lounge-room floor.
Whilst listening to the J’s hot 100 we played plenty of co-op in Farcry3 – a great game which I saw in JB the other week for $19 ish!!!

Interestingly, I did find a glitch in Far Cry 3 as seen below. I found a crack in the wall – perhaps a rip in time and space – during a mission and managed to slip behind the scenes!

Slipped behind the scenes!

Slipped behind the scenes!

I also scored a new (well, slightly used) dual core 6600 PC this week for the best price – FREE!
I’d like to thank Amy and Ben from North Hobart – you really should learn how to erase your HDD before discarding it. Lucky I’m a nice fella and I’ll erase all your sensitive data for you.

Anyone in?

10 YEARS!!!

It started with a vision. It’s now 10 Years since I started digging out a hole in the ground. 10 years since the pick fell through heavy clay, clunk, clunk, clunk, sweat dripping from my forehead, callous’ forming on my hands. 10 years since the madness set in and dirt was barrowed out so that we might have a place to game on. A place called “The Enclave”.

There were many distractions last year, most of them unwelcome that took a huge focus off our gaming evenings. In that time, people have gotten partners, kids and other things to do.

Time to get back on track. Time to GAME ON … or was it all for nought?
I was hoping to kick off the gaming year this evening, but alas, I got distracted. So NEXT WEEK 17/1 then?
I’m not even sure if it’s the right week. For me, any week is the right week. It’s up to you guys.