So who reads this blog anyway?

Edge Elite agents who respond to this post

in the next 24 hours will WIN A PRIZE!!

There are 4 prizes available, specially created collectible items, you won’t be dissapointed.

Gaming is ON This Friday 13th
that would be tomorrow – an ideal chance to collect your prize!

*Competition for Edge agents only.

GO ….


13 responses to “PRIZES TO BE WON!!*

    • “Gaming is ON This Friday 13th”
      Where in this sentence does it say cancelled?

      Lucky for you my friend, you’re a winner πŸ™‚
      Will you be picking your prize up tonight?


    • Yes, Β the cancel post underneath is an old post – it is on πŸ™‚ Come and claim your prize, I think you’ll be happy, Β you’ve asked for one before.Β 

      Cheers,Β  Tone.


  1. No worries Raw, was good fun anyway, thanks for coming up and showing me how it’s done πŸ™‚ Being the most regular attending Agent, your probably the most deserving of such a trophy πŸ˜‰

    Not sure about next fortinight at this stage … tossing up whether or not to send my laptop back AGAIN to repair the failed HDMI port. Will pop up a new post closer to the date … agents should pay attention and check back regularly for another chance to win a limited edition collectors item!


  2. sorry I couldn’t make it. Haven’t checked hotmail in a while. On some previous occasions have received gaming notifications via txt message on mobile. Expect my prize for NOT being notified using this method to be in the mail. I trust the prize is not of the illegal variety! πŸ˜›


      • Well, if there were four so called prizes, what happened to the other three? Did Stormy get them by default or did they finish up in the kids’ lunches ?Note my use of an apostrophe Tone, apparently the Mercury found them surplus to requirements along with the ability to spell amongst it’s employees . . . OH, NO! ANOTHER apostrophe!!
        BTW how DO you spell disappointment?
        Actually, I have the emphasis on the wrong word, I should have asked “how do YOU spell disappointment” . . . oh, that’s right . . . INCORRECTLY!
        Love you bud . . . even if you did fail basic English πŸ˜›
        I’m just bitter that you didn’t give me a prize (or tell me what it was) so I have taken to berating you about your spelling yet again! If I remember correctly we were in the same English class at High School. Also co-incidentally (HYPHEN! . . . Remember those? . . . answer – “probably not” ;P ) Mrs Hall is now the head of English at Rose Bay High only she’s now Mrs POWELL.
        GAME ON . . . in Feb 2014 😦


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