Good for GO … almost – NOW CANCELLED!! :(

Next week anyway (30/8)NOW CANCELLED!!
I got my laptop back on Wednesday! 🙂
Now almost fully locked and loaded with all the goodies for graphics and gaming goodness.
Service report says the replaced a “Sub Printed Circuit Board”, confirming ANOTHER hardware failure, presumably HDD controler and not entire mobo.

Found this Video for GTA ONLINE … looks AWESOME!!

Access to Grand Theft Auto Online is free with every retail copy of Grand Theft Auto V and launches on October 1st.

There’s a new easy way to access this blog too –


4 responses to “Good for GO … almost – NOW CANCELLED!! :(

  1. yes it looks nice :). Ok so technical question as i can’t find anything in google.I have my taskbar set to auto hide. which it does just fine.BUT,for some reason when i take cursor to bottom of screen the taskbar won’t popup.BUT if I then minimize window and then re-full screen it my taskbar works fine again.Until I exit and open up new windows.Ideas?….


  2. Answer: Don’t set it to auto hide 🙂
    OR, don’t exit and open up a new window 🙂

    Glad I could help 😉

    Soooooo, are you coming up this week?

    I have ANOTHER problem with my laptop, now the HDMI port doesn’t seem to work at all. Can get around it by using the VGA port instead, but seriously!!!! FFS.

    GameStockCar locked, loaded and tested … ready to rumble 🙂



      Hopes …. dashed 😦

      Cancelled without consultation by your democratic dictator.
      I was really looking forward to it too.


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