Mission Status, Laptop status …

“Regarding your notebook repair (Job 172925): There has been a delay in part delivery. The current eta for parts is 23/8.”
The race is on to see which Parts makes it here first! I’m starting to think Private Parts, and not Spare Parts, given that the bit has to be installed and sent back to me too.

So, is it on this week? I can’t say!
As I received a severe and apparently justified reprimand for my decision making approach last NOT mission, I’m throwing discussion open on the EDGE forum – it’s up to you dudes!
Machine still down,  so likely SOF II evening, possibly COD2. I may try and get Game StockCar running on the old laptop here if it’s up to it.

Let me know if your keen 🙂
Tone: President of the EDGE peoples front of Uganda.


5 responses to “Mission Status, Laptop status …

  1. if other parties will be there then I will be there also. formula truck 2013 is now available.seems it’s free if u own the original one,didn’t know there was one.Hmmm paying for truck racing???. me???


    • Ye, they imply it works with the original formula truck game, I’m wondering if it will work with the Game StockCar serial?

      Shame it’s not off road whoopdeedoo’s 😛


  2. probably not, seems like it is a game in itself.So paying for truck racing?.I have never liked truck racing so would kinda be like paying for a bag of poo.Not a huge fan of poo either 🙂


  3. I’m not a fan of poo myself but I must confess that I do like bags! Lunch bags, plastic bags, old bags, (ahem) handbags!!!! NOT ball bags 🙂
    Gaming SHOULD be on. I’m not coming, but it should still be on.
    I have given up on the go-fast Forester dream for now. S4s are back to 2.0 litre and pumping out nearly 180kw!! Saving furiously!


    • What can I say Parts, democracy rules – no gaming. The idea of Empire Earth was even floated. Keen, but not super keen. If you were a ten pin bowler Parts, perhaps then you’d fancy ball bags? Handy things I expect for carrying big heavy balls. Poo bags can be handy too, when they’re empty and you need to pick up after you dog. Have to admit though, I’m not a big fan of full poo bags or poo. I’d pick truck racing over poo, but I would be unlikely to pay for either too. Unless they came in a nice bag of course.


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