Good for GO … almost – NOW CANCELLED!! :(

Next week anyway (30/8)NOW CANCELLED!!
I got my laptop back on Wednesday! 🙂
Now almost fully locked and loaded with all the goodies for graphics and gaming goodness.
Service report says the replaced a “Sub Printed Circuit Board”, confirming ANOTHER hardware failure, presumably HDD controler and not entire mobo.

Found this Video for GTA ONLINE … looks AWESOME!!

Access to Grand Theft Auto Online is free with every retail copy of Grand Theft Auto V and launches on October 1st.

There’s a new easy way to access this blog too –

Mission Status, Laptop status …

“Regarding your notebook repair (Job 172925): There has been a delay in part delivery. The current eta for parts is 23/8.”
The race is on to see which Parts makes it here first! I’m starting to think Private Parts, and not Spare Parts, given that the bit has to be installed and sent back to me too.

So, is it on this week? I can’t say!
As I received a severe and apparently justified reprimand for my decision making approach last NOT mission, I’m throwing discussion open on the EDGE forum – it’s up to you dudes!
Machine still down,  so likely SOF II evening, possibly COD2. I may try and get Game StockCar running on the old laptop here if it’s up to it.

Let me know if your keen 🙂
Tone: President of the EDGE peoples front of Uganda.