My G73S laptop has decided to suddenly shit itself AGAIN, this time with an apparent failed HDD controller!
Warranty assessment has been instigated through Harvey Norman extended warranty as the Asus one ran out a few weeks ago. They’ll likely repair it but hopefully will replace it.
I’ve had my share of trouble with this laptop. First one had failed gpu, replacement had fail charging port – mobo replaced, them failed gpu – heat sink thermal paste issue,  now this.

Heres a list of my troubleshooting in no particular order:

Reset – required drive partition is missing
Refresh – drive where win is installed is locked
System restore – restart select an operating system
Auto repair – can’t repair, log file empty
System image recovery – fail
Command prompt – cannot find C: or other partitions & drive, only D: (blueray)
BIOS – SATA config empty except MATSHITABD-M ATAPI (blueray drive)
Info on drives can be read on other PC
Tried swapping drives & New HDD install
Diskpart – there are no fixed disks to show

Summary: FAIL.



  1. So I get this lame arse excuse about some “laptop” not working correctly and Tone and Woodie have decided gaming is called off.
    Well I don’t know about you Parts, but I am totally appalled. I mean,everyone knows that Parts and I make all the important decisions around here,and for these two upstarts to come along and cancel gaming whenever it takes their fancy is just not good enough.
    Sure it “may” be Tone’s house and all,but really?,Does that give him the right to cancel gaming?, I think NOT!!!.
    Oh don’t you worry my limp wristed friends,there will be consequences for these bold misguided actions.Parts and I will have our revenge,Oh yes…………


    • Apologies for not consulting with you directly Rawlord, I left the decision with Woodie assuming he would consult with you. One of course should never assume and I assume I assumed wrongly. As revenge, like a salad, is a dish best served cold, lets hope its not past its best before date before Parts can attend his next gaming mission some time next year. I have a feeling it would be deemed “too cold” tonight for some of our more sensitive members to attend on any account.


      • You’ve certainly got Bob’s dander up Tone! He’s right though, you have no right to cancel gaming at your place without a majority of votes from a majority of attendees. It may even be the case that everyone else turns up even if you don’t!.
        Also, revenge is best served with a nice homemade vinagrette and salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste!
        And furthermore, just WHO are you calling sensitive?
        Also, I’m thinking of changing my name to “Mr Absent” 😦


      • I certainly wasn’t referring to you Parts or Raw as being sensitive as you both brave the fiercest of elements to attend gaming evenings – not withstanding your missus Rich 😉
        So as not to upset anyone, future gaming decisions will be decided in the true democratic process as is adopted by the world council, whereby I’ll be like America and veto the majority decision if I don’t agree with it. Is everyone in agreeance? Good, motion passed.


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