My G73S laptop has decided to suddenly shit itself AGAIN, this time with an apparent failed HDD controller!
Warranty assessment has been instigated through Harvey Norman extended warranty as the Asus one ran out a few weeks ago. They’ll likely repair it but hopefully will replace it.
I’ve had my share of trouble with this laptop. First one had failed gpu, replacement had fail charging port – mobo replaced, them failed gpu – heat sink thermal paste issue,  now this.

Heres a list of my troubleshooting in no particular order:

Reset – required drive partition is missing
Refresh – drive where win is installed is locked
System restore – restart select an operating system
Auto repair – can’t repair, log file empty
System image recovery – fail
Command prompt – cannot find C: or other partitions & drive, only D: (blueray)
BIOS – SATA config empty except MATSHITABD-M ATAPI (blueray drive)
Info on drives can be read on other PC
Tried swapping drives & New HDD install
Diskpart – there are no fixed disks to show

Summary: FAIL.