Grid2 – out today!

Released May 31st

Raw, Woodie and I raced all night last week in Game StockCar. Can’t wait for next mission … 7/6.

EDIT: Special bivouac mission with Agent Parts previously scheduled.

Next mission postponed till 21/6.!


11 responses to “Grid2 – out today!

    • Hey Bob,
      I was wondering how many kms your wrx had on it when you bought it and what year it was. I am thinking of getting a 2009 onwards XT Forester. There are a couple around with around 90K on the clock.


      • mine had 124k on it and now at around 142k ,my rex is a 2000 model.90k seems pretty good. mine had fairly low k’s on it for the girlfriends has about 120ish k’s and it is an 07 i think.


    • I currently get less than 9 litres per 100 km from the outback. The Foresters are rated around 10.5 litres but I reckon I can do better than that as I drive like a granny!


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