130510 Status ….

Yet another fortnight rolls on by, never to be repeated again. Is it just me or are they getting faster?

Part’s tells me he should be in THIS friday (10/5), so without any more messing around with endless digression in which I could continue on and on about nothing you’re probably interested in anyway, I’ll just cut straight to the chase. After all, I could tell you about something completely off topic that I find infinitely interesting but has no real bearing on Friday night’s proceedings and would most probably bore your socks off, so why bother. I’ll just get on with it then and let you know, because I know you’ve all got busy lives to get on with and probably haven’t got the patience or inclination to read a long winded, padded out boring post that’s completely irrelevant anyway, so without any further ado – YES, gaming is on this Friday.


7 responses to “130510 Status ….

  1. I have been thinking of coming up for a while and have been putting it off but I’m not putting it off any longer. I will be up this Friday. Actually, in fact, I have activated that driving game but haven’t set up my g27 yet. I will do that either tomorrow or the next day or the day after that. I might even do it Friday afternoon. So having said that, I won’t know any of the tracks or the optimum settings for my gaming rig. Also I need to pick Tone’s brains (or re-read his rambling emails) about my Asus freezing up when on battery power. Seems to be when it’s switched off mains or charging it goes to sleep and when you try to wake it up the screen blips and then you get nothing. Also had problems with the wireless turning itself off but turns out in the control panel you can tell it to stop windows from disabling the wireless device to save power. So I’ve done that and hope to have no more problems in that area.
    Hope to see Bob Raw, Wood and Nadz up for a mammoth effort. Even Canon . . . remember him? He only lives down the road but I still haven’t been down for a coffee. Perhaps Nadz could give us a run down on how he’s doing.
    So, there you have it. Basically, in a nutshell, just briefly, I’ll be up this Friday. Dunno what time, probably around the usual, between 3.00 pm and 8.00 pm.
    See you there.
    But there’s still time for me to change my mind. I might change it, or not. In which case I will be up Friday . . . unless I change my mind.
    Anyone out there reckon they can Filibuster better than that?
    Have a go . . .


    • Nice one Rich 🙂
      I haven’t been practicing Game Stockcar Rich, so I expect we’ll be exchanging spins and offs and waiting for each other.

      I’ve sent the word out on Facebook to the old guard with a link to remind those that may have forgotten how to find this dispatch. Be good to see you again fellas – don’t be shy, add more dumb comments like mine to the blog 🙂


  2. I had a major failure in my laptop yesterday arvo – nothing but a black screen 😦
    After trying several things which didn’t work I suspected it was a graphics card failure. It’s still under warranty but last time I took it for a repair it was gone for 3 weeks! Mild panic to say the least as I’m designing stuff for a magazine with a close deadline.
    After some reading on the net I decided to try and fix it myself, which involved completely dissembling it Inc. screen to remove the Mobo, :/ cleaning and reseating the graphics card and wacking on some new thermalpaste b’twixed GPU & heatsink.
    Just before 3am I finally had it all back together – no spare screws – and luckily it worked!
    I’ve just finished creating restore discs for backup in case it fails again and I have to send it off. While waiting for that, I also rebuilt Deepthought with a brand new install of Win7. Should run smooth now Woodie 😉


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