Grid2 – out today!

Released May 31st

Raw, Woodie and I raced all night last week in Game StockCar. Can’t wait for next mission … 7/6.

EDIT: Special bivouac mission with Agent Parts previously scheduled.

Next mission postponed till 21/6.!

130510 Status ….

Yet another fortnight rolls on by, never to be repeated again. Is it just me or are they getting faster?

Part’s tells me he should be in THIS friday (10/5), so without any more messing around with endless digression in which I could continue on and on about nothing you’re probably interested in anyway, I’ll just cut straight to the chase. After all, I could tell you about something completely off topic that I find infinitely interesting but has no real bearing on Friday night’s proceedings and would most probably bore your socks off, so why bother. I’ll just get on with it then and let you know, because I know you’ve all got busy lives to get on with and probably haven’t got the patience or inclination to read a long winded, padded out boring post that’s completely irrelevant anyway, so without any further ado – YES, gaming is on this Friday.