Well, I’ve now completed a clean reinstall of Windows 8 after a few problems developing with my original install over Windows 7. After trying many other solutions without success, it seems to have fixed all the problems, including a DCP_Watchdog_Violation error if I didn’t move the mouse for 4 minutes 20 seconds, Windows Explorer quitting if I right clicked on a file or folder in the left pane, hotmail not letting me format text or attach a file and a game that stopped responding then stopped working all together.

Farcry 3Anyway, Farcry 3 is currently available from EB Games for $35!
Parts and I now have a copy.
It’s a buy two items deal, BUT, you can buy a $5 item for $2.50 with it to get the deal – at least I could πŸ™‚
https://ebgames.com.au/pc-158557-Far-Cry-3-PC (no expiry listed on the page)
Hobart had a few copies of “The lost expeditions edition”, Eastlands had none.

The “Insane” edition is also only $35 – in store only, but Hobart and Eastlands don’t have any.

Next gaming night will NOT be on the 12/4 as scheduled.
We can make it the following week or leave it to the usual fortnight – open for discussion.


13 responses to “Ahhhh.

  1. Hope you get better soon Raw – grab yourself a copy of Farcry3 to while away your time convalescing – and an extra one for Woodie πŸ™‚ Had a bit of a peek at the single player last night. First impressions – pretty freaking awesome! Multiplayer would be the BIZ.

    * I had to spell check “convalescing Parts. “Multiplayer” however, is missing from my dictionary, but I’m pretty sure I don’t mean “multilayer”.


    • Now I know what to get you for your birthday. Surprised it took me this long to work it out though. Would you prefer a Collins one or a Macquarie one?


  2. well I did not buy farcry but I did buy battlefield 3 premium edition.Actually I got a nice bundle. for $79 I got bf3,the latest hitman game and serious sam 3 :). if I got bf3 by itself it would of cost me $69 so Ithink I got a bargain.Normal prices,bf3 $69, hitman $79 and ss3 $20.sweet.


    • Nicely done Raw. 3 copies of BF3 now. Only two Win8 though!
      Hitman is supposed to be pretty good. Still replaying the last one for the third time.


    • Didn’t buy Farcry? Didn’t buy Farcry!!! WHAT!?
      Might be a good thing though Raw, I’m finding it way too addictive – “I’ll just do the next bit then go to bed … I’ll just do the next bit … one more bit … Oh, OK, just one more …”

      Suppose I’d best install BF3 on my fresh machine then and download the no doubt massive update when I get a chance. I did enjoy it when it worked πŸ™‚


    • Mmmmight be best to leave it ’till next week so where back on the right night for Woodie. Haven’t heard from anyone else either and although I’m keen, I’m a bit weary – having said that, I’ll probably be up till the wee hours playing FarCry! Still to install BF3.

      The reinstall of Windows 8 is running a treat – actually really liking the new OS now I’ve found my way around more. It’s not very intuitive or consistent and I generally don’t like the scaled down Metro apps, but it is quick and I’ve stumbled onto some gems of new features. Even my bluetooth headphones now work and re-connect properly!


  3. Just installed Origin and started installing BF3 via download as I figured I’d need to download it again anyway with a whopping update if I installed from CD. It’s only going to take about 40 hours on my superfast ADSL1 connection according to the progress bar, so I might be right to play it by next week πŸ˜‰


      • Choose between an Orangutan or a Monkey who’s in denial of evolution because he hasn’t evolved. Not really much of a choice.

        There’s a meeting @ Ferntree next week about the NBN rollout … we hang off the Ferntree exchange … let the rollout begin?


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