130426 – let the games begin …

It’s been a while eh! Life can step aside this Friday evening for some virtual mayhem!

Get ready to rumble in Game StockCar, with maybe some close quarter action in BF3, FarCry3 or COD2 – depending who’s partakes and what’s installed.

Roll-call from 7.30pm.
So who’s in?


Well, I’ve now completed a clean reinstall of Windows 8 after a few problems developing with my original install over Windows 7. After trying many other solutions without success, it seems to have fixed all the problems, including a DCP_Watchdog_Violation error if I didn’t move the mouse for 4 minutes 20 seconds, Windows Explorer quitting if I right clicked on a file or folder in the left pane, hotmail not letting me format text or attach a file and a game that stopped responding then stopped working all together.

Farcry 3Anyway, Farcry 3 is currently available from EB Games for $35!
Parts and I now have a copy.
It’s a buy two items deal, BUT, you can buy a $5 item for $2.50 with it to get the deal – at least I could 🙂
https://ebgames.com.au/pc-158557-Far-Cry-3-PC (no expiry listed on the page)
Hobart had a few copies of “The lost expeditions edition”, Eastlands had none.

The “Insane” edition is also only $35 – in store only, but Hobart and Eastlands don’t have any.

Next gaming night will NOT be on the 12/4 as scheduled.
We can make it the following week or leave it to the usual fortnight – open for discussion.