HAPPY NEW month.
To kick off March, gaming will be on!
COD2 at 20 paces I guess?

A FB Fiend who races for real says “i recomend Game Stock Car, Cheap only $20 i think it was”


So who’s in?


13 responses to “130301

  1. Might be there depending on what Kieran is doing. May even bring up my Win8 machine if we’re only shooting!

    BTW . . . who is this Bob Raw character? Seems nice enough but I bet he owns a Daewoo . . . or a Camry . . . ;P


    • Might be there? Might be there???!!!
      It was LAST Friday! So who’s lying comatose next to the fridge now??

      We tried the DEMO of Game Stock Car, consensus was it’s worth throwing $20 at! We have a racer!!! Physics are reasonably realistic and despite it’s title, it’s nothing to do with “stock cars” in the demolition sense.

      The demo unfortunately didn’t allow for mulitplayer racing, so next mission, we’ll try out the FULL version which you can trial for 24 hours before paying, just to make sure it’s Win8 friendly on LAN 🙂

      NEXT MISSION: Scheduled for the 15/3.


  2. yeah you oay $20 per serial key. so can just order 3 or 4 of them at once, get a discount with bulk buys but 3 isnt enough, not sure how many is needed. Is thisl ike my 3rd login name here?. must be, seems i get a new one everytime I change a pc or lose auto login on it


    • Need at least 4, probably 5, don’t think there’s a bulk discount though 😦

      Your login will be the same if you use the same email – I won’t have to pre-approve your comments. You could always create a wordpress account and become a follower … but I’m not much of a leader to be honest 😉


      • Tone, stop being modest, you did lead us once or twice if I remember correctly . . . remember? You led us well away from dual boot machines . . . and windows8 multiplayer everything . . . 🙂


  3. Having said that, I am dropping Kieran off around 7-ish in North Hobart so I should be up for a few hours. He needs picking up around 10 so I don’t know if I’ll knock off then or come back with him for another stint. We’ll see but what ever transpires, I’ll definitely be bringing my Subaru up just so Bob can see what one looks like. Also, as I’ve been bagging him out about the WRX factor, just to up the ante, I’ll also be kicking his Daewoo butt at the shoot’ems as well 😛


      • Oh, and it’s not your browser, the mini pic is too wide and goes across the right hand column. My bad for being lazy with a copy and paste 😦


  4. UPDATE: I’ve downloaded the full Game Stock Car 2012, we should all be able to install from this. It gives us just 60 minutes to test in full before we need to purchase Keys. Hopefully we’ll have no trouble connecting over the LAN and everything will be sweet in the land of virtual racing once again 🙂


    • Parts and I gave it the 60 min test it last Friday – when he surprised me with a surprise visit! He did post it, but I thought it was in jest. Anywho, It hosted fine on good ol’ Win XP, and could be joined by Win 8 PC’s, but hosted on Win 8, no one could see it – but after testing we discovered we had the Firewall on so that could have been the problem there.
      I believe there’s also an update which we hadn’t applied.
      Anywho, 1 hour wasn’t really long enough for Parts to get his G27 setup configured correctly, so he wasn’t real convinced and not overly keen.

      I’ve since deposited some funds in my account, so am able to now purchase, which can be done from within the game using paypal.


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