130118 Mission Status …

GOOD FOR GO – this Friday! First mission of the year and the first month is nearly over already? What’s going on!!!


Dirt3 – also available on Steam for $49.99 (I already have it, read it doesn’t work on Win8).
Test Drive Unlimited 2 – Steam for $19.99 ( I have, but it’s pretty arcadie)
Dirt Showdown came out not long ago for $49.99 on Steam.
F1 2012 appears to work on Win8. MOD

Do we wait for GRID2 – set for launch this year … sometime
Perhaps Tone could put XP on his laptop as a dual boot 🙂


9 responses to “130118 Mission Status …

  1. Parts won’t be up. Kieran is working and needs picking up.

    I heard on the radio this week that Microsoft is upping the price of win8. Bill must be running short of pocket money!!

    Apparently in the US the download version is going from $39 to $199!! Better get in to Officeworks FAST Raw.

    Have a good one, and make sure Tone doesn’t lay down for a nap in front of the fridge . . . apparently the carpet there is really dirty :))


    • I’ve got Grid, Silent Assassin and CODII on mine so far. It IS however untried in LAN mode.
      Win8 is “not so bad, once you get to know me” !!


  2. from my google searches I have been told to go for win7 until win8 fixes alot of it’s issues.Funny,I heard the same thing about win7 when that came out.Damn no support for winxp waaaaa.


  3. I used Windows 7 from the get go – a whole lot of whingers online who rant and moan because the can’t handle any kind of change, even if it is for the better. I never had a problem with it, other than V8 Supercars 3 (Starforce protection) not working. Now I’m using Windows 8, furiously fast & very stable. GRID doesn’t work in LAN multiplayer and there’s a few inconsistent design elements like the placement of the apps button at the bottom instead of with the other “charms”, but you get used to it, just like I got used to Windows 7. Personally I don’t care much for the Metro Interface and find most Metro apps dumbed down and restricted versions of what you can already do in a web browser. I guess if you had a Windows 8 phone, it would be nice to have them in sync, but I much prefer Android as it’s far more customisable. I’ve been trialling “Start8” which gives you a start menu – just like your used to and will let you boot straight to the desktop. Windows 8 is still available from Office Works, now for $55. Add $4.99 for Start8 and it’s still a cheap upgrade. Change is constant. If you don’t change, you get left behind.

    Another developing OS option is Linux. Steam has been ported and they will soon be releasing their own “Steambox” which is run on Linux, so more games will be able to run on the platform in the very near future.


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