Black Ops 2 Day!!

EB Game’s launch of Black Ops 2 could break records today, in what could be Australia’s biggest entertainment release, set to break industry records and  smash Hollywood box office takings.


8 responses to “Black Ops 2 Day!!

  1. Yep, Forked over by technology again!
    Parts tried to go to the dark side and bought a copy of Windows 8 but apparently the dark side didn’t want me and sent me packing with my copy of Win8 tucked tightly between my legs.
    The $48 version is for updates only and not clean installs apparently. Installed it on my new 2tb hd just incase it was rubbish and I didn’t like it so I could go back to xp but when I put the win key in it told me that this version was for updates only not fresh builds of Windows. WTF. So now I have to find my copy of xp, load it and then put win8 over the top of that. WALOB. (what a load of bollocks). Also, Win8 doesn’t seem to load third-party software until it’s been validated. Tried to load BF3 twice but nothing happened.
    Nice one Bill. Got my money though.
    TONE . . . I’ll be having words with you next time we meet . . . F*ck wil be one, sh!t will be another and where’s the beer will be three more.


    • Well you’d best order 3 copies of it then … I already have one 🙂

      Haven’t loaded it onto Win8 yet though, let’s hope it multiplays OK.


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