121109 Gaming Status

Oh, all right, it’s GAME ON this Friday seems as Parts insists 😉

Some of us have Taken the $48 plunge and upgraded to Windows 8, you can catch my first week review in the Software section.
A pretty cheap way to upgrade the soon to not be supported any more XP. Just a thought.

However, if you not keen on Windows, there may very soon be another option …
Steam for Linux beta is now available!

I also discovered, for those of you who are having trouble hosting CODII or weapons errors:
in Program Files(x86)/Activision/COD2 folder/Main folder, delete (or move to another folder) any extra maps that begin with numbers (01.iwd – 91.owd) AND the ones beginning with Z (z_pam2.0.iwd – zzzzzzz-compmod_v1.iwd)
Some of them may be OK, I haven’t tested each one, but this fixed the problem for me and I still have the extra maps 🙂

So who’s in?


12 responses to “121109 Gaming Status

  1. Yay 🙂 I think Evman will be calling in later too, on his best behavior I’m sure 🙂
    Nads might be up, but he’s helping is sister mop up her flooded home.


  2. Good to see Tone won all the shoot’em rounds by getting the most Deaths in each round.
    Pity he couldn’t join in our racing RAW . . . maybe he could dust off the dual boot machine and give that a run . . . 😛


    • I rock! Best target of the evening 😛

      Ironic that when I “upgraded” to Windows 7, V8 Supercars 3 stopped working, and now I’ve “upgraded” to Windows 8, GRID in LAN has stopped working. Both Codemasters games.


  3. see how much money we saved parts.we never even had to upgrade to windows 7, tone did that for us, found out it didn’t run the games we play,now he has moved on to windows 8,found out it wont run the games we play.Back to winxp?


    • Just part of the friendly complimentary service I like to provide here at the Edge Labs Raw. I’m really not sure why you abandoned Win95 on a Pentium 486 – the original Wolfenstein was so much fun 😉 And don’t forget Moon Patrol – I wonder if that will work on Win8 …


      • And how much trouble did you have with Battlefield3? Was that a software issue, a developer issue or a windows issue? I went to the trouble of buying it but seeing as you had so much trouble with it in the end I didn’t even bother to load it!
        You are such a trail blazer Tone. I bet your ancestors were the ones eating the stuff no-one had ever tried before so others wouldn’t have to eat it later by mistake and DIE 😛
        Racing at my place next week RAW. Tone, you can come if you can find something that will actually join our LAN game . . .


  4. Haven’t you read the EDGE Research Labs mission statement Parts? “To boldly install what nobody in there right mind would install.”

    Perhaps Battlefield 3 is stable now, not sure, you’d like to think they’ve shorted all the shyte out by now. Last time I had time and felt like a quick shoot ’em online – which was quite some time ago – BF3 (which had been working again) wanted me to do another fecking update that would have taken several hours to download so I gave up and played Modern Warfare 3 instead – because it just worked! Don’t get me wrong, I do like BF3 and it’s great that a game vendor supports and updates their games, but sometimes, most times, you just want to shoot something!!

    Since rebuilding my laptop after a recent warranty repair, I’ve yet to install Steam, Origin or Uplay and any games (inc BF3) supplied on them as I’ve been rather busy and haven’t had much time for shooting pixels, so can’t yet comment on their compatibility with Windows 8. Last night I uninstalled and reinstalled GRID, but have yet to test in a LAN environment. Perhaps I’ll get a chance before next gaming. If not, I seem to recall you could shoot me OK in COD2 🙂


  5. Uninstalled, reinstalled GRID, patched to 1.2. Game works in single player, can see LAN game hosted on other Windows 7 PC but “unable to join session”. Likewise if I host on the Windows 8 PC and try joining from the win7 pc. Did some searching on the net, haven’t found anyone reporting this issue … yet.


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