Could this be the droid we’re looking for?

I’d heard of this, but thought it was for the iPad or Apple rubbish …

Most newer PCs (two to three years old) will operate the system. In the case of older PCs, an upgraded graphics card is normally all that is necessary in order to enable the computer to run

“ is developed by Motorsport Simulations. The company, which is made up of mostly ex-Papyrus (Grand Prix Legends, NASCAR 2003) developers, completely focuses on the the simulation side of gaming. It also encourages season style racing with its robust online system, providing 24/7 racing against drivers from all over the world. The racing is broken up into four twelve-week seasons (with a fun ‘Week 13’ being held in between each season), with each car running its own series. The series is broken down into road and oval variants, and each series has a specific licence level requirement to participate. Licenses range from Rookie (beginner), Class D through to Class A. Rank advancement follows as your experience and skills grow. Basically it ensures that you won’t wreak havoc in a sim beyond your skill level.

“The learning curve is consequently harsh, which is to be expected when you factor in that some professional drivers and teams use iRacing as well. Most participants will simply cite the racing as intense and a lot of fun, however some others utilise it in ways that are more closely related to real life applications. I was lucky enough to get down to Melbourne to meet one such team, who have been putting their young drivers to the test in the sim itself.”

Comment by Kikz: “For a full dive into the life of a racer and feel like your actually racing you simply cannot beat iRacing. And $49 a year is hardly expensive – although because it is such an immersive and positive experience, you may find yourself spending A LOT of money on hardware – button boxes, new wheels, interchangeable wheels, full cockpits, better pedals, sequential shifters, buttkickers.. you name it… πŸ˜€

Sounds serious! Too serious?

121109 Gaming Status

Oh, all right, it’s GAME ON this Friday seems as Parts insists πŸ˜‰

Some of us have Taken the $48 plunge and upgraded to Windows 8, you can catch my first week review in the Software section.
A pretty cheap way to upgrade the soon to not be supported any more XP. Just a thought.

However, if you not keen on Windows, there may very soon be another option …
Steam for Linux beta is now available!

I also discovered, for those of you who are having trouble hosting CODII or weapons errors:
in Program Files(x86)/Activision/COD2 folder/Main folder, delete (or move to another folder) any extra maps that begin with numbers (01.iwd – 91.owd) AND the ones beginning with Z (z_pam2.0.iwd – zzzzzzz-compmod_v1.iwd)
Some of them may be OK, I haven’t tested each one, but this fixed the problem for me and I still have the extra maps πŸ™‚

So who’s in?