1201019 Game on?

If there’s enough participants an extended gaming session is proposed.
Please indicate your interest.

It’s Part’s birthday too, but not sure if he will be attending at this stage.

My laptop has returned from warranty repair 🙂
According to the paperwork, ASUS replaced the entire motherboard!
The also cleared my C: drive back to factory settings, so I’m currently updating drivers and reloading aps and such, yet the files on my data drives and partitions remained in tact. Not sure why they would need to do that, but anyway, a clean install it is.


6 responses to “1201019 Game on?

  1. I MAY be there . . . Depends on what Kieran is up to. It won’t be extended for me either as it’s my turn at Little Aths on Saturday.
    Have been training hard so I should be able to beat those little kids over 100 metres!


  2. I knew I could count on Raw 🙂
    I still have to be up early Saturday to help another stallie set up, cause I’m a market biatch – so suck it up Parts, it’s not like you’ll be a year OLDER or anything, I’m sure you can still beat those little kids … with your Zimmer frame! 😉


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