NO GAMING  tonight fellas,  laptop’s  just gone in for repairs – power plugs gone dicky (technical term) and my broadband has fallen over … and extensive roadworks in progress 😦


11 responses to “MISSION CANCELLED

    • Smooth new water pipes under the road, pretty sure they won’t tarmac it when they’be finished 😦 But I’ll ask them just for you Raw 🙂

      Took the laptop in, likely 2-3 weeks before I get it back – and I miss it already! Got broadband sorted, kinda. Upstairs router is now clashing IP address with new modem/router downstairs. A job for tonight.


  1. An ATM would be convenient 🙂

    Seems as my ‘puter’s broke, I travelled out to Parts’ on Friday night for some good old fashioned gaming of the reality kind. We hit Parts’ balls around with a big stick until they dissappeared into the pockets of his big green felt table. I beat him at his own game 3-2!!

    On the way home, I stopped to take some long exposure night shots around the River Derwent which can be seen on the EDGE FLICKR account in the menu to the right.

    Thanks for letting me play with your highly buffed balls Parts, it was a most enjoyable alternative to our usual evenings of virtual reality.


  2. Nice pics Tone. Mightily impressive. AND you got the southern cross in too.
    About Sunday . . . Kieran informed me today he’s picked up someone’s shift so it looks like I’ll be the one on the light beer this year 😦


    • Not much has changed Raw, still no sign of my laptop.

      NEXT WEEK, I won’t have to get up early on Saturday, so how about an extended mission then to make up for it? If my laptops not back, it’ll be SOF II at 10 paces.



      • I have been enjoying the 7 bottles of homebrew I won off Tone during our 8ball marathon last Sunday!! 😛 No 43 is okay but 44 is better.


  3. Glad you’re enjoying the beer Parts, needs a bit more time in the bottle, it’s been a bit cool these parts.
    I believe we’re even on the 8-ball front overall, so I think a playoff is required.
    Rack ’em up 🙂


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