120717 Mission status …

GO GO GO … let the mayhem begin!

Woodie is currently on a mission overseas where the sun shines more than here, but hey, it’s been four weeks – and I’m feeling fine 🙂

So good, I made myself a special hat! For those of you (Parts) without FB, here’s a pic ….

Radiation Man

Radiation Man

My mate Commander Kenneth @ Falcon Outpost Research Labs predicts there’s gonna be a serious solar flare before the year’s out, knocking out all electronics. One can never be too careful, so I’ve made myself a solar shield hat to protect my brain. This is prototype 7, based around a motorcycle helmet … in case the sky falls in at the same time!
Note: if you make one yourself, ensure the shiney side of the foil is facing OUTWARDS – or you’d fry your brain instead 🙂


9 responses to “120717 Mission status …

  1. Tone, I will be there tomorrow come hell or high water or even solar flares. It may just be you and me seeing as tweedle dee and tweedle dum are away.
    I thought of a name for your solar flare deflecting device. I would call it the Totally Wholly Aware Thermal Hydrogen Anti-solarflare Top . . . or TWAT HAT for short!
    See you tomorrow.
    Ev-man can come but he has to bring some more of Ali’s yummy pudding AND sit in Woody’s spot so he can’t bump me while I’m trying to shoot you . . . which will be often 🙂 (that’s the shooting, not the bumping!)
    Mind you, you kind of look like a SONTARAN which I believe stands for Silly Oversized Nut Aware Radiation Acts Nastily. FYI a tinted visor would have looked much cooler.


  2. One step ahead of you Parts … I’m feveroushly working as I type – on retro-fitting the glass from an auto-darken welding helmet to replace said visor. In hindsight, it may have been easier to wrap the special protective foil shield around said welding helmet, but that wouldn’t then offer the protection afforded by my current prototype if, in fact, the sky did fall in!

    On another matter Parts, I drove past that fence along the Eastern Hwy again the other day. Now there’s no hole in it, it’s like it never happended … perhaps I imagined it, along with Raw’s car 😛


    • you can’t imagine something that exists but you’ve never seen. Only something that doesn’t exist in the first place.


      • Come to think of it, I didn’t actually see ‘the hole’, for that would be impossible – because there’s nothing there! I think I saw a bit missing from the fence, much in the same way Raws car has been missing from my driveway – cause it’s not actually there either?


  3. Kieran is playing in the St Marys musical this weekend and we’re going to see it Friday night, so I will be a no show. Have fun :O


  4. I forgot to mention there was only Parts and myself last week so your absence is forgiven for this week (30/08). Not sure if Raw is back, presumably not? … anybody in – or am I having an early night? I’m keen to play – but hopefully not with myself 😛


  5. NO NO NO, Parts is not coming, Raw’s still away – I think – and Wood just got back so is probably jetlagged. Last day of winter, it’s windy and cold up here. Not looking good for gaming tonight 😦


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