Attention, all EDGE Agents should watch the following  important announcement.

Gentlemen, start your savings !!!

See you next week 🙂


6 responses to “COMPULSORY VIEWING ..

      • LIKE 🙂

        Supposed to be the best meteor shower of the year tonight Parts – but best viewed in the northern hemisphere – check out the dark side of the moon with you’re telescope in the early hours, you might get lucky 🙂 Can you get an adapter for your new camera for the scope?


  1. thanks for the heads up. might make an effort to check it out. unfortunately the diameter of my telescope and the fact that it’s a dobsonian mount (read stoneage and really basic) are not a great combination for taking pics through it. I used to know a bloke who has his OWN observatory and all the mounts he needed for his camera gear he made himself. very smart guy but I think he used to make medical implements or something like that. He also has lots of computer gear and his scopes track what he is looking at automatically whereas I have to move mine by hand so it’s clumsy and inaccurate.
    Got myself a camera bag and another lens on Sunday AND a $25 parking fine. Not happy. Will put gear in car and if I get an early finish this week I’ll be up to show you. AND I still keep forgetting to turn the damned thing off!!


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