120717 Mission status …

GO GO GO … let the mayhem begin!

Woodie is currently on a mission overseas where the sun shines more than here, but hey, it’s been four weeks – and I’m feeling fine 🙂

So good, I made myself a special hat! For those of you (Parts) without FB, here’s a pic ….

Radiation Man

Radiation Man

My mate Commander Kenneth @ Falcon Outpost Research Labs predicts there’s gonna be a serious solar flare before the year’s out, knocking out all electronics. One can never be too careful, so I’ve made myself a solar shield hat to protect my brain. This is prototype 7, based around a motorcycle helmet … in case the sky falls in at the same time!
Note: if you make one yourself, ensure the shiney side of the foil is facing OUTWARDS – or you’d fry your brain instead 🙂

Mission mayhem …

Mission status to be advised Friday, don’t get your hopes up ..
I have a MAN FLU – and only us men know how bad that can be. sniffle.
I’ll report gaming status on Friday – see how this virus has progressed, I wouldn’t want to pass it on.
I was looking forward to seeing Raw’s new car too 😉

I imagine Parts will be busy fiddling with knobs, pulling his big lens and shooting all over the place whilst gently caressing and spit polishsing his new Canon.
Actually, I don’t want to imagine that!

Anyway, what else has happened in the world?


After saying Windows 8 is “a catastrophe for everyone in the PC space” at a videogame conference in Seattle, Valve head—and one-time Microsoft employee—Gabe Newell has  announced Valve is working to bring Left 4 Dead 2 and other Steam titles to Linux.  Newell criticised Windows 8 while talking about the future of the gaming industry – VentureBeat.

Newell’s low opinion of Microsoft’s next major operating system has been known for some time. He argued that one of the last remaining things keeping people away from Linux was the lack of games (and using Photoshop/Indesign for me, though they’re now available in the “cloud”).

The Windows Stores closed and controlled nature also concerns him. Features such as Xbox LIVE integration could make the Windows Store and Windows 8 a more appealing platform for gamers and developers alike, rather than Steam.

He attributed Valve’s success to the PC’s open nature, saying that the company “wouldn’t exist” without either the PC or “the openness of the platform.” There is a “strong temptation” to close the platform (much like Apple), because the platform’s developers “look at what they can accomplish when they limit the competitors’ access to the platform, and they say ‘That’s really exciting.”

For many users though who prefer their operating systems more open and customizable, Linux is beginning to look like a much more attractive and exciting alternative.