120720 Mission status

Busy this week, late post, but if numbers are up, then it’s GAME ON!!

Thanks Rich for posting a rundown under the last entry, it were a good night with a new player 🙂
(Rich is 50/50 on showing up …. there could be some more cake from Evman’s missus!! Does that up change the odds?)


7 responses to “120720 Mission status

  1. Bailing.
    Camera research and doing my nails.
    Leaning towards the Canon 600D
    Will be up for the next one.
    Have fun guys.


  2. Pffft!!!, That’s the only word I can think of,how bout you Tone?.Well ok it isn’t actually a word but an expression of disgust, but you get the idea 😉


  3. Raw, when you bring your alleged WRX up to Tones place, THEN you can scoff. Mind you, they still haven’t fixed the hole your ALLEGED go-fast Skyline that none of us ever saw either left in the railing on the Tasman Highway.
    Forgetting that, I am looking forward to being annihilated by you in two weeks time . . . with or without your alleged WRX 😛
    Besides, my nails really were in need of a work-over.


  4. That’s right, Parts, it didn’t deserve a response, so none was given. 😉

    Raw, if you paid ME enough, I’d tell people I saw you driving around in a Purple Lambo with a pink elephant painted on the bonnet – several times infact 😛


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