6/7/12 is GO.

F1 online for FREE is also go …

Maybe we can give it a crack on Friday? Now there’s some cake!


2 responses to “IT’S ON …

  1. I WAS there (surprisingly) and there WAS cake. Thanks to Mrs Ev-man. Also thanks to Ev-man for not eating it all on the way over. (I would have!)
    Raw was his usual sharp-shooting, unhittable (is that even a word?), jumping, dodging, dastardly self. Had it not been for that magnificent cake and Tone doing a fantastic job of knobbling himself with old gingerbread thus rendering his aim stupendously (THAT is a word) useless, the evening would have been complete rubbish. Oh, AND I met Aaron. Thanks to fellow team-mates for getting our act together and beating TeamRaw once in 4 hours. SEE? you CAN do it if you try. 😛
    Looking forward to the next one.


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