Windows Surface tablet

It’s scheduled for gaming this week. It’s also scheduled to SNOW. Thoughts?

Microsoft launched their new tablet called Surface this week.
The video below starts at 13.30 – about the time things go wrong …

Worth watching the whole thing if you have a spare 47 minutes – great little device when you get to the i5 Windows8 Pro version which can run … blah blah everything! Watch it 🙂

Rundown & new game.

Darklord, Woodie Raw & Tone skidded about in GRID for a few hours before launching COD2 to run around and shoot things.

Visit, reserve your ID and sign up for the Beta test!

“A FREE social FPS SERVICE (from Crytek, the makers of Crysis) that brings something new every day!
“Warface offers a wide variety of intense and rewarding multiplayer options. A vast and frequently updated PVE universe, featuring dramatic co-op missions where you are rewarded for both teamwork and individual skill. A full set of class-based PVP modes make for an unrivaled competitive experience” …  but not quite yet.

View the Warface trailer.

Slated “to be playable” in the US & Europe during 2012, but no mention of down-under. No specs listed but it says it’s scalable and playable on virtually any PC – one to keep an eye on – click on the pic above to check out the vid. Did I mention it’s free?

120608 IT’S ON!!!


Yes, gaming IS ON.

Two glorious Android mobile phones were released this week on the Testra network, making for a very tough choice.
Monday saw the announcement of the HTC One XL – though only available on pre-order, it will be released in a week or two with no demo phone in store (Hobart) to play with 😦
This review is for the One X – which has a quadcore processor and no 4G, where as the Telstra XL version has a dual core CPU (reportedly faster than the quad-core!?) and G4.

Tuesday we were greeted with plans for the Samsung Galaxy S III – available immediately, but only the 16gb version in white … for now – review here.

Whilst the One X has arguably better build quality, sleek minimalistic design with a matt finish, a 4.7″ Super LCD 2 display which is concaved slightly, and better (simpler?)  Sense 4 user interface, the Galaxy SIII seems a bit retro with the larger curved corners, gloss finish and chrome “bumper bars”, but comes fighting back with a slightly larger 4.8″ AMOLED screen. The Samsungs camera is slightly faster in burst mode than the HTC but for now, it’s biggest advantage is the press-and-hold method of taking a photo, which allows you set focus and exposure before re-framing and releasing the shutter to take a shot – a feature sadly lacking on the One.

The S3 is slightly heavier but has a slightly smaller pocket print than the OneX. The two big deal breakers: removable MicroSD card and removable battery are likely to push the Galazy III over the line.

On another note: Over 600,000,000 Windows 7 licences have been sold.