120525 rundown …

It was so wet, fish where swimming in the sky! But that didn’t stop the dedication and commitment to play that Raw and Woodie demonstrated, strapping on their floaties and snorkles to join Tone for a night of fun. Evan braved the downpour too and teamed up with Tone in EMPIRE EARTH for a battle of the ages. But first, there were network problems. A full restart of all modems, routers and systems soon had us sorted so the battle could begin.

Evman got bored and abandoned his keyboard to concentrate on beer drinking, Tone quietly built up a spectacular army while Woodie was feeling the heat of sustained attacks from Raw. While they were distracted in battle, Tone took advantage with the odd skirmish but by the end of the night, there was no end of play in site, despite the Prophets proclaiming “the end is nigh.”


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