Rundown, Showdown …

Raw, Wookie (I always accidentally type that, thought fk it, this time I’m leaving it, he never reads this rubbish anyway) Parts and Tone got serious in GRID. Seriously sideways that is, with plenty of demolition action and SanFransisco street racing mayhem.
Which brings me to a NEW game … featuring SanFransisco and plenty of demolition … DIRT Showdown!

There’s a demo available NOW on Steam, Full version hits the stores on May 25.
It hasn’t been copping a good rap in the youtube comments though – still, lots of people like to winge, it’s free.
Not sure if the A-Team van is in there Raw, or a Delorian for that matter, Batmobile, Speedracer, Podracer … now that would be cool.

Anyway, we also shot each other up in COD2.
‘Twas a cold but pleasant night, thanks fella’s 🙂


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