Fibre Optic Broadband cable installed this morning!

I woke up this morning disturbed by a noise, turned over to look at the clock and it was 9.30am. Damn, I had missed my dental appointment. I could still hear something outside, so I opened the curtains to find a van parked outside with three men milling around, one was trying to poke some wire or something thru a 4 or 5mm hole they’d drilled through my bedroom window about a foot up from the bottom.

I slid open the window and could see they’d pulled away some boards from the side of my house below the window and the cable was running down through it. I asked them what they were doing rather calmly given the situation and they said they were installing my Fibre Optic Broadband.

Despite their method and lack of notification or consultation, I told them I was more than happy and surprised to be getting it installed so soon. I thought I’d be lucky to be getting it at all, though I would have rathered the ran the cable downstairs instead of drilling a hole through my bedroom window.

My mind went back to the missed dental appointment. I woke up again, it was only 5.30am. There was no hole in my bedroom window. The funny thing is, I can’t deny I wasn’t a little dissapointed.


9 responses to “Fibre Optic Broadband cable installed this morning!

  1. yeah that’s why i’m thinking of going onto another bigpond over before i can get fibre anyways.Plus I would get 4 tmes the data allowance for same price.


  2. Are we go for tomorrow or are you all still too ill?
    It would appear that my dance card for tomorrow evening is empty.


    • Still under quaranteen Parts there of 😦
      Plus it would put Wood in the off week for him.
      Having my FIRST beer tonight since Easter! You were right, there’s something wrong with those Crownies, the last one tastes like crap. Might tip the rest down the sink and have a homebrew instead – much nicer 🙂

      Did you check out the NBN map Parts? Looks like you should get it this year too … before Raw who’s way out in the country.
      I’ll race ya!!


  3. Okey Dokey. Beer, snooker and gaming at 35 Shelmore Drive on my own then.
    Did I tell you Brighton Council in their infinite wisdom have renamed and renumbered us? We haven’t joined up to Ashgrove Crescent for the last 15 years and we haven’t joined up to Shelmore Drive either, but apparently we need to change our address!
    And I rang the postie that delivers over here and he doesn’t know anything about it. Cnuts. (damned spell checker!)
    See you soon then.
    Parts out.


    • Wow, you get to move without moving then! Cool. Hope you’re in a better neighbourhood and your property price goes up then – or is it becoming part of Gagebrook? Lower Gagebrook perhaps? There goes the neighbourhood! Still, at least you get fibre before Raw 😛
      Can’t wait to see your new dress 😉


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