120313 – Mission fail.

In the interest of agents health and safety, it is with great regret that gaming night scheduled for this unlucky Friday the 13th of April will be cancelled.

The Department of Infectious Diseases wishes to advise that the EDGE and it’s surrounding area are currently in quaranteen lockdown until further notice due an undisclosed infection of residents. We hope that you don’t catch a virus simply by reading this post.

With respect, we also with to acknowledge the recent passing of Part’s Grandfather.


2 responses to “120313 – Mission fail.

  1. Thanks Tone,

    Funeral is Saturday a.m.

    Good to see your Davies Bros heritage hasn’t left you though . . . How do you spell quarantine anyway? . . . the answer appears to be “any old how” 😛

    Hope the Dreaded Lurgi clears up in time for next week. Must have been all that rain over Easter!!

    Also sent a survey to Microsoft telling them that Win7 was rubbish. Still haven’t been able to set the Forester at Bathurst as a desktop background on the new laptop. How LAME is that. Also told them I had another machine awaiting an upgrade from XP to Win7 but was hesitant to do it. I think though, it’s more 3rd party graphics management that is the problem, not win7 itself. STILL . . .


    • Damn auto spell checker messed it up Parts 😉 qaranteen … see, did it again.
      Still feeling less than ordinary today 😦

      I find Win7 faster than XP and I’ve had no problems apart from V8SC3 compatability, though as discussed, the library feature is a waste of time unless all your pc’s are running win7 and users share files.
      From what I’ve seen of Win8, I’m more hesitant to upgrade to that. Looks more like an OS designed for phones and tablets than REAL PC’s.
      Apparently you will be able to switch back to the classic desktop if you want to though, but apparently the start menu has been replaced with the Metro start screen. One big plus is the vastly improved Task Manager which gives you much more information than currently.



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