Mission Update & stuff …

Free online game which may be worth a look: Battlefield Heroes
A new Lunar Landing map has been added.
Let’s hope it’s more reliable than Battlefield 3 – that shouldn’t be too hard to achieve!

Windows XP is being retired on 8 April 2014. Security patches and hotfixes for all versions of Windows XP will no longer be available.
Microsoft is spruiking now as the perfect time to upgrade to Win7 … ironic, seems as they’re about to launch Windows 8.
“Windows 7 offers greater flexibility, allowing more productivity while also increasing efficiency, all through improved PC security and management. Maintaining unsupported software is a security risk. Learn more and access resources to help you plan for deployment.” Plan for Windows 7

NEXT MISSION: Scheduled for Friday 27 April.

Fibre Optic Broadband cable installed this morning!

I woke up this morning disturbed by a noise, turned over to look at the clock and it was 9.30am. Damn, I had missed my dental appointment. I could still hear something outside, so I opened the curtains to find a van parked outside with three men milling around, one was trying to poke some wire or something thru a 4 or 5mm hole they’d drilled through my bedroom window about a foot up from the bottom.

I slid open the window and could see they’d pulled away some boards from the side of my house below the window and the cable was running down through it. I asked them what they were doing rather calmly given the situation and they said they were installing my Fibre Optic Broadband.

Despite their method and lack of notification or consultation, I told them I was more than happy and surprised to be getting it installed so soon. I thought I’d be lucky to be getting it at all, though I would have rathered the ran the cable downstairs instead of drilling a hole through my bedroom window.

My mind went back to the missed dental appointment. I woke up again, it was only 5.30am. There was no hole in my bedroom window. The funny thing is, I can’t deny I wasn’t a little dissapointed.

120313 – Mission fail.

In the interest of agents health and safety, it is with great regret that gaming night scheduled for this unlucky Friday the 13th of April will be cancelled.

The Department of Infectious Diseases wishes to advise that the EDGE and it’s surrounding area are currently in quaranteen lockdown until further notice due an undisclosed infection of residents. We hope that you don’t catch a virus simply by reading this post.

With respect, we also with to acknowledge the recent passing of Part’s Grandfather.

Battlefield 3 user Review

Battlefield 3 introduced a whole new dimention of challenges for the gaming community by introducing some ground-breaking innovations. After a brief introduction which demonstrated the power of this visually stunning all encompassing shoot’em, where team work came to the fore and you could actually win the game by helping other team members out without shooting a single enemy which left me felling well impressed, the game enters another mode called updating. I’m not talking about the in-game upgrades of guns and cool stuf to blow things up with which in itself is awesome, I’m referring to the upgrading of the actual game. There have been at least 3 BIG updatdes since the game’s launch on PC. Well, EA at least appear to be supporting the game. One, just before Christmas 2011 stopped the game launching for many players for about 3 months. Then another in early March 2012 fixed it. Briefly. The latest update takes about 3 days .. hours to download, hours and download quota which could be spent playing, only to find this …
… and getting no further. Is it worth trying yet another reinstall and re-downloading the update?
Seems I’m not the only one having problems: http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/forum/threadview/2832654489415279303/1/

Perhaps instead of calling this game Battlefield 3, they should have called it “why won’t the bloody game launch”?

UPDATE 12/3/12: Yay, it works again!!!
For no apparent reason, it seems that an Easter break and 11 updates for Windows7 have now fixed what ever was stopping the game from launching. Joy! It launched last night on the first try, I joined 3 games without any problems and I’ve just tried it again this morning. I haven’t really been able to get into this game since just before Christmas because of game launch issues – yet, I’ve changed nothing after trying a full re-install and many other suggestions found online when things first went pear-shaped. Why?

Anyway, now I’ve managed to have another decent play online in Battlefield3, I find this game much more compelling and involving than Modern Warfare 3 which I’ve been hammering in the meantime. Being able to use vehicles aside, there are many more maps, they are by neccessity bigger but without sacrificing detail, there’s far more in-building area’s to explore and the environment is more destructive. Gameplay is more focused on supporting your team and completing objectives rather than simply killing your enemy, which is good for me ’cause I’m a lousy shot 🙂 My preferred class is the medic which involves throwing health kits about for team-mates and running into the heat of battle, defibrillator in hand reviving fallen comrades whilst bullets wizz overhead – or into my head 😦
My only negative comments would be that there is a lot of unneccessary swearing in it and the occasional lag catch-up pause glitch, usually at the most inopportune moments.
IF it keeps working, I’ll keep coming back to this one and provide my enemy with a good target.

EA was recently voted the worst company in America. There must be a lot of bored gamers out there voting, at least EA only manufature virtual weapons. http://consumerist.com/2012/04/congratulations-ea-you-are-the-worst-company-in-america-for-2012.html


UPDATE 30/4/12:

It stopped working again a few days after the above post. Firstly I started being disconnected during games, then the BF3.exe would simply fail to launch again after selecting a server from the browser then seeing Origin launch.
Tonight I firstly updated PunkBuster version – nope.
Then I uninstalled and reinstalled punkbuster & restarted on the suggestion of my neighbour (FlyingDubs) – nope.
I tried turning off Antivirus/firewall,  and running punkBuster, BF3 and Origin as administrator – nope.
Then I opened Origin, right clicked on the BF3 icon, and selected “repair install” – nope,
So I then restarted and launched again … YAY, it works!!