120330 Mission Status …

I expect your looking here to see if it’s on this week?
Well, I suppose so.
Hopefully Parts will show up in person this time instead of sending a pathetic facsimile of himself that couldn’t play for nuts last week. But I expect he’ll choose to stay home and play with his fandangled Thermomix cooking up wondorous treats and goodies for his missus’ birthday. Time will tell.

Speaking of time … oh, nothing.

Here’s something for the folk who’ve chosen to use the far superior Android mobile operating system and Windows over the much over-hyped Apple iOS – which is apparently 5 years more advanced than any other platform … I think they’re refering to the hype, not the actual software/hardware.
Anyway I digress, bluestacks.com have released a beta ANDROID EMULATOR for Windows (XP-Win7) that allows you to download and use any ANDROID application on Windows!
Ive installed it and added myself to the 10 million people who’ve now downloaded the new Angry Birds Space ap to test it out. Marvelous stuff. Try that on your Apple.


3 responses to “120330 Mission Status …

  1. Parts is a no show this week but that’s no surprise. I believe the clone is away checking camping spots at Wayatinah so he won’t be there either.
    First gig after easter could be interesting if we BOTH turn up!! Back to the Future anyone?
    BTW that clone of mine can’t race or frag for nuts!!! 😛


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