120316 mission status

Parts tells us he’s not coming, so it’s on.
And if you

want to complain to management, go right ahead, tell someone who cares – good luck finding them 😉


9 responses to “120316 mission status

  1. Wood, Raw, Parts’ android clone & Nads
    GRID 1:23 something to be proud of
    tone won 2 races.

    tone came second in the first round.


    • You call that an update?
      Here’s a better one . . .
      Glen, Glenn, Glen and Glen (turned up late after saying he wasn’t coming) took part.
      Tone won something, Glen won everything else.
      Now THAT’S an update to be proud of.
      Comments anyone?


      • I don’t remember Glenn or Glen winning the shoot’ems, Or Parts or Tone for that matter. I expect Raw will fill in the blanks. I think we should load his shooter with blanks 😉


  2. I think we all did very very well. big pats on backs :).Parts, ur clone is very good,looks alot like you.Which is great considering it is a clone.Tone is a clone,there is no original though, just a clone of a clone? ;).But where did that first clone come from?, another clone?.

    How many glenn’s were there?.must of missed a couple in all the racing and shooting,


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