120302 upcomming mission …

Are we all set to GO this Friday (2/3)? Well, are we?
If you’re mouse didn’t melt into a plastic puddle in the weekend’s 40 degree heat, stick it down your pants and grab your game gear ’cause it’s ON.

Need some refinded entertainment for that special function? Hire a string quartet – perfect for weddings, intimate dinners or that special occasion, Select Strings – Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.


9 responses to “120302 upcomming mission …

  1. Spoke to Wood yesterday and he said he’s keen. Dunno if I’ll make it myself though. Will try but not promising.


    • Parts: Do or do not … there is not try. 🙂

      Wood and I have used our digits to partaken in textual intercourse. He has indicated his positive intention to attend.


  2. well now parts wont be coming for sure,he would never know where tone and woodie have their digits and what their intentions may be.


    • I don’t intend to put my digits anywhere near Private Parts !!!
      I might flash a didgit in his general direction though if he doesn’t turn up 😉
      So take part Parts to avoid the angry finger.


  3. who knows parts,who knows?. There was no update even.Things have gone downhill it seems, maybe complain to management?.


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