Two in a Row?

Well, seems as you asked, OK then … the fun resumes THIS Friday (17/2).
We’ve got some catching up to do for 2012! (And we need to re-sync with Wood.)

Raw, Wood & Tone reefed on their wheels and wiggled their mouses last Friday, but none of that matters.

What matters, is Tone has recently been selected as an official Logitech Product Tester!
A Program designed to provide Logitech fans an opportunity to test and review products in the comfort of their own home (or enclave) and share their thoughts with others:-Β

Oh, and also, gaming is on this week again.

And Parts, there’s now 4 big bolts connecting my keyboard adjuster bit to my desk – next time I run into you, it will be on purpose πŸ˜‰


9 responses to “Two in a Row?

  1. I was sure I won a round of shoot-ems.
    That would have been the one where Tone was asleep and Raw was blindfolded, hog-tied, was only using a pistol and was only allowed to shoot people he’d never met before :0


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