120302 upcomming mission …

Are we all set to GO this Friday (2/3)? Well, are we?
If you’re mouse didn’t melt into a plastic puddle in the weekend’s 40 degree heat, stick it down your pants and grab your game gear ’cause it’s ON.

Need some refinded entertainment for that special function? Hire a string quartet – perfect for weddings, intimate dinners or that special occasion, Select Strings – Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.

Two in a Row?

Well, seems as you asked, OK then … the fun resumes THIS Friday (17/2).
We’ve got some catching up to do for 2012! (And we need to re-sync with Wood.)

Raw, Wood & Tone reefed on their wheels and wiggled their mouses last Friday, but none of that matters.

What matters, is Tone has recently been selected as an official Logitech Product Tester!
A Program designed to provide Logitech fans an opportunity to test and review products in the comfort of their own home (or enclave) and share their thoughts with others:-  http://www.logitech.com/en-au/349/9605

Oh, and also, gaming is on this week again.

And Parts, there’s now 4 big bolts connecting my keyboard adjuster bit to my desk – next time I run into you, it will be on purpose 😉