So what happened on Friday 13th?

Raw and Parts took some time out from their busy post New Year lives to join Tone for the EDGE’s first gaming night of the year.
What happens in the Enclave, stays in the Enclave, so without giving too much away …
We had more than a few races in GRID, then we played Black Ops. I think it would be fair to say Raw dominated the evening, but we all won on the fun stakes.

NEXT MISSION? Well, I’m off to the big island for a few weeks, so we’re looking at a lag (much like my internet connection) in gaming until early February – possibly the 3rd, but more likely the 10th – TBA.



Welcome to 20 12!

Well, the earth hasn’t turned to complete shyte yet, so we’d best get some gaming in before it hits the fan – and what better what to start the last year of the Mayan calander than by kicking our first mission for the year off on …. FRIDAY THE THIRTEENTH !!!!

I’ve been playing CODMW3 online quite a bit since Christmas – and getting shot lots. It’s pretty good, bit more same old same old though and find myself preferring BF3 out of the two with the added attraction of controlling and blowing up heavy machinery, as well as better servers with less lag and being able to pick which game you want to join. Unfortunately after yet ANOTHER update, BF3 no longer starts and requires me to reinstall it. Damn and blast.

EDIT > After a complete reinstall and update, I’m still unable to launch BF3. According to the official forum, over 3600 customers have reported this problem and almost 6ooo report regular crashes. It’s been 2 months since a mod indicated they were looking into it.  It also doesn’t offer an offline LAN mode or practice maps with bots.