111125 Rundown …

The lure of limitless quantities of gingerbread wasn’t enough to entice some to the fray.
Raw, Nadz and Woodie accompanied Tone and despite their best efforts to stuff themselves stupid and load up their trunks to the hilt with the sweet stuff, there is still plenty left over for the Edge chickenbots who now have the taste for two headed gingerbread men – and want more!

After a quick demo of DIRT3, we played:
GRID – demo derby, lots ‘o laps & lots ‘o fun, followed by a selection of other four wheel fun.
COD2 – guess who won? Hint … it weren’t me.

NEXT MISSION: With Christmas fast approaching, stay tuned for December 9 confirmation.
An indication of agents intentions re ability to attend over the next few weeks in the comments would be appreciated 🙂

UPDATE: NEXT WEEK  then – 16/12, last one for the year.


17 responses to “111125 Rundown …

  1. Dont worry bout that Parts.Just tell him Daddy has other important things to attend to.Then win the Father of the year award 🙂


  2. Geeeeeeeeeeeezz Rich!
    So how’s the 16th for ya Raw? Apparently my very busy pre-Christmas schedule has an opening for the postponement of Friday’s gaming so we can all suit Rich 😉

    Hope you like the snow .. so much for summer!


    • Wow, I actually to put sunscreen on today, though it clouded over within the hour.

      Right, Gaming … NEXT WEEK then – 16/12, last one for the year.

      Thought about having a BBQ, but then I thought … that’s just gonna cut into gaming, so screw that! Then I thought Rich could bring Pizza, seems how we (me and Raw at least, never hear from anyone else on the blog) have been so inconvenienced 😉 I’m prepared to throw a tenner your way Rich and I’ll have what ever your having – or suprise me with something different and we’ll spit it. I’m hoping it’s not a Domino’s effort though, LaBella’s almost on the way :). I’ll let the others post their request on the blog (like that’s ever going to happen ‘ay Raw?) if they want to throw in. Com’on, surprise me, hit the Post Comment button, I dare ya … or we’ll eat it in front of you!


  3. It’s not always all about me. I just can’t make it this Friday. I’m sure you guys can all re-schedule to suit my needs.

    Why is there snow on your blog tone?


    • Ops, I should have refreshed first, read my reply to Raw above Rich. It’s very important ’cause your bringing tea.

      And the snow … well, apart from it’s almost Christmas, though it’s supposed to be summer on this side of the planet, it hailed up here Sunday and there was a light dusting on the Mtn, so I thought it appropriate 🙂

      And Rich, it’s NEVER always about you 😉


  4. mmm pizza. yeah I agree Tone, dominos tastes bad and they rip you off too.I will ask woodie if he wants some pizza also 🙂


  5. I know, Pizza SHAPES anyone? If Tone throws me that tenner (you all heard him and don’t say you didn’t!) I could get 5 boxes if they’re on special. There’d be plenty for everyone. Better than old Gingerbread I reckon. Any takers? 😛
    Still snowing and we got 25 degrees today!


    • Sounds like you’d best shape up your idea’s Parts before you end up with 5 boxes shaped around your ears 😉

      I’ve taken the extraordinary step of cancelling my early Saturday morning commitments so that gaming may be extended into the wee hours of the morning – for those that can handle it – or are allowed 🙂 We’re gonna need some REAL pizza to keep us going Parts, not that toy simulated dried up crusty rubbish you’ve proposed … intended as a JOKE I’m sure, but I aint laughing.


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